Recyled Paper Molded Pulp Packaging

Product Features

Raw Material : Waste Cardboard; Waste Newpaper

Application : Egg Tray, Fruit Tray, Egg Box, Cup Holder; Shoe Tree; Wine Carrier; Seeding Pots,Industrial Packagings

Place Of Origin : Shanghai, China

Packing : Carton or as required


As biodegradable materials are fast replacing other alternatives in packaging, the OALVAND PAPER PULP MOULDING PLANT offers immense scope for profit with an astonishing range of pulp moulded products.

with concerns for today's enviroment, people all over the wold pay more attention to enviromental protection,the pulp molded packaging have become an important and essential products for replacing the EPS and plastics. Molded pulp,also named moulded pulp or molded fibre is a paper packaging material. Made from 100% the recycled waste paper. Molded pulp is often considered as sustainable packaging material, as defined by the sustainable packing coalition, since it is produced for recycled materials, and can be recycled again after useful life-cycle.

Nowdays,the molded fibre packaging or molded pulp packaging are widely for the molded pulp products in the protective packaging, such as molded pulp products for agriculture, egg tray, egg carton, apple tray, fruit tray...molded pulp products for industrial packaging, electronic interior packing, cellphone packing, computer packing, printer packing...molded pulp disposable medical products, kindney tray, bed pan,urinal tray..molded pulp tableware, plate, blow,lunch box.Its biodegradablity makes it eco-friendly and acceptable to any international standard.

Our pulp molding machine can manufacture:
1. Trays: Egg trays; Egg Carton; Fruit trays and pallets
2. Electronic Packaging: cellphone packaging,computer packaging
3. Medical/Hospital Care: Kidney Tray/Bow; bedpan; urinal
4. Gardening Products: Seed pots,Flower pots, Flower baskets; Bio-degradable plant pots
5. Wine & drinks Packaging: 4 Cup carriers / 2 Cup holder; bottle packs
6. Consumer durables and engineering products
7. Industrial packaging: Ceiling tiles;Corner protectors;Shrink wrap trays;Pulp moulded shoes tree