Pulp Molding Dies

Product Features


We design and manufacture Mould Tools for Paper Pulp Moulded Products like egg boxs, egg trays, apple trays, fruit trays, kidney trays, shrink wrap trays, medical disposable trays, hospital disposable trays, surgical disposal trays, food trays, pulp trays, bed pans, bio degradable plant pots, seed pots, egg cartons, molding tools, molding dies, food packaging, moulded pulp packaging. Moulds are made of high quality Material grades of Stainless steel, bronze or copper alloy, aluminum, high density polymer , and plastic on metal as well. Moulds are precisely designed and machined with CNC Vertical machining centers. Hot Press moulds which are normally used for finishing the pulp products are made with high degree of surface finish and quality to get quality moulded products.

Our moulds are fitted successfully in all international brands of Pulp Moulding Machinery with various technologies. For example Up & Down Forming Machine, Rotary Moulding Machine, Double Rotary Forming Machines and Cure on mould machines.

Our Design team can handle new product design based on end product packaging requirement. Existing packaging such as plastics ,polystyrene and thermoform packagings can be replaced with Moulded Pulp Packaging.

Dishware & packaging moulds
The packaging products are totally matched with the packaged stuff and has good resistance to shock, compact, static, erosion, etc. and are proved by physical test to be better and able to replace the EPS, PS and PVC . The products are extensively applied as the lining stuff of electronic products, mechanical components, industrial devices, electricity tools, computer, home electric appliances, , glass, ceramics and farming products. Our main products are the cushion shockproof packaging of electrical appliances, telephone, mobile phone, playstation, computer components, pottery teaware, lamps and electronic elements as the substitute of conventional EPS.