Semi-Auto Bagasse Pulp Molding Machine

Product Features

Processing Raw Material : Bagasse(sugarcane); Bamboo Pulp

Finished Products : Biodegradable & Composatable & Disposable Tableware(Lunch box,clameshell, tray, bowls, plate, box)

Machine Type : Semi-automatic

Certification : CE


Character Of Semi-Automatic Bagasse Pulp Molding Machine:

* This is a semi-automatic bagasse(sugarcane) paper pulp molding forming machine. Taking sugarcane(bagasse)pulp as raw material, this machine can produce all kinds of disposable tablewares.

* First infuse quantitative paper pulp into the pup tank and then drain off the water by vacuum pump. This is how the products being formed. And the drying method is thermoforming.

*The middle part of this machine is the forming station, and there is one drying/pressing station on each side of this machine.

* There is stock tank on forming station. Put mould cavity and stainless mesh with the required shape on the forming station, and then set the pulp quantity according to the product’s weight. Every time the machine will transfer the pulp to the stock tank automatically. Then the wet products will be formed through vacuum and draining off water. Next workers take the wet products to the hot-press station to get higher pressure and heating. Finally, the water in the products will be dried and the dried products will be got.

* This pulp molding machine is applied to produce top-grade paper pulp molding products, such as tableware, high-grade artware and building materials and so on.

* PLC + touch screen control

* Stainless pulp tank

* The main electrical elements are Siemens

* The main pneumatic element is FESTO or SMC.

* Apply International famous brand of control parts to obtain excellent performance and universality maintainability.